Gourmet Chocolate Gifts, Truffles and Luxury Candies by Maggie Louise Confections

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts, Truffles and Luxury Candies by Maggie Louise Confections

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Maggie Louise Callahan is the Founder and Creative Director of Maggie Louise Confections.


Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Callahan attended Virginia Tech undergraduate and Harvard Law School. She then went on to pursue a career in law working at a prestigious firm in New York City and later, as one of the first team members at a San Francisco-based startup operating in the field of venture capital. While Maggie's career was thriving in law, she felt a creative void in her life and was looking for a new path that would allow her to not only flex her entrepreneurial muscle but also build a brand that marries her love of design and culture with her passion for entertaining.


As a confections aficionado, Maggie enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu to test her hand in the art of chocolate and it was an immediate love affair. Recognizing a void in the marketplace for chocolates that are just as decadently designed as they are delicious, Maggie embarked on a journey to revitalize the chocolate industry with color, style and a unique customization platform unlike anything in the marketplace. As the creative director of Maggie Louise Confections, Maggie oversees all design and product development and has curated a team that is just as dynamic as the chocolates they create.


Maggie lives in downtown Austin with her husband Kevin (her business partner at Maggie Louise Confections) and their two young children, Vivienne and Chip.


Recently Domino Magazine interviewed Maggie and you can read that here:

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