Gourmet Chocolate Gifts, Truffles and Luxury Candies by Maggie Louise Confections

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts, Truffles and Luxury Candies by Maggie Louise Confections

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How are your products shipped?

A: We take the utmost care in shipping our products, so that the chocolate arrives to you in beautiful condition. All of our orders are packed by our shipping specialist and include an ice pack and temperature control insulation to ensure outside conditions will not impact the shipment. 

Q: What are you shipping options?

A: We typically use FedEx Ground which takes approximately 3-5 business days to arrive. During the warmer months (or to locations where the weather is warmer), we only ship on Monday and Tuesday, so that your order will arrive by the end of the business week. Orders may be shipped 2-Day or Overnight for an additional fee. Upon request, we will also ship using a client's FedEx or UPS account. A $6 handling fee applies in such cases. Please contact us at concierge@maggielouiseconfections.com if you are interested in these options.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: As of this time we ship only to Canada outside the United States.

Q: May I return product if I am dissatisfied?

A: We are passionate about your experience with our brand and products. Your order is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition, no matter the weather, containing the elegant packaging and quality chocolate customers expect from us. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us to return your order for a prompt replacement, refund, or exchange.

Q: Are your products organic? Do you have organic products?

A: Although we make use of many organic ingredients, our products are not entirely organic.

Q: Are your products kosher?

A: No, our products are not kosher certified.

Q: Are any of your products vegan?

None of our products sold are certified vegan, however our solid dark chocolate does not contain dairy or egg. However, please note that although we make efforts to keep products separate, it may contain traces of dairy and egg. All other chocolates and fillings contain dairy, egg, gelatin and/or honey and are therefore not vegan.

Q: Are your products gluten-free? Do you have gluten-free products?

A: Although many of our products do not contain gluten, they are not certified gluten-free, since they are not prepared in an entirely gluten-free environment, and therefore still could contain traces of gluten. 

Q: Are your products nut free / allergen free?

A: Our products are created in our commercial kitchen and some products contain nuts (including peanuts and almonds). Every attempt is made to keep any cross-contaminants within their area of work; however any product made is made with equipment that has come into contact with nuts, nut oils, etc.

Q: Is your chocolate fair trade?

A: Yes. We use chocolate from Chocolates El Rey. El Rey offers gourmet chocolate made from fairly traded cocoa beans direct from small and large-scale growers in Venezuela.

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