Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order

Q: What is your Order Guarantee?

A: We are passionate about your experience with our brand and products. Your order is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition, containing the elegant packaging and quality chocolate customers expect from us. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will either replace, refund, or exchange.

Q: Can I mix and match pieces from multiple boxes to create a new box?

A: We currently sell each box in our collection exactly as you see it online with the ability to change the message on the white chocolate square seen in most boxes. We do offer top to bottom customization for bulk or corporate orders. See the CUSTOM page for more details.

Q. How should the chocolate be stored?

The chocolate should be stored in a dry, cool place (ideally 68 degrees Fahrenheit) and out of the way of direct sunlight.  We do not recommend refrigeration.

Q.How long do the chocolates last?

A: We recommend consuming the chocolates within 2 weeks of receiving them. There is also an ‘enjoy by’ date on the back of each Maggie Louise Confections box.

Q: Can you send me a Sample Box?

A: We do not provide samples at this time. Contact us for recommendations of great sampler boxes.  

Q. Can I place an order now to be delivered on a future date?

A; Yes! We can definitely do that for you. During the checkout process, simply select "Future Delivery Date" and specify your desired date of delivery.

Q: Can I buy a single chocolate?

A: Although we do not have a single chocolate option for purchasing, we do have smaller boxes in our Favors and Minis collection!

Q: Do you offer tours of the kitchen?

A: We provide tours during special events and bookings! Please contact us at to learn more.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A; We do! Please go to We would love to partner with you!

Q: How can I stay informed about new products and promotions?

A: Become an insider and be the first to know about new collections, special events, unique promotions and more. You will receive a special code for complimentary shipping on your first order of $25+.



Q: How are your products shipped?

A: We take the utmost care in shipping our products, so that the chocolate arrives to you in beautiful condition. All of our orders are packed by our shipping specialists and include a frozen gel pack and temperature control insulation to ensure outside conditions will not impact the shipment.

Q: What shipping options are available?

A: FedEx Ground is our Standard shipping method, which takes approximately 3-5 business days to arrive. During the warmer months , we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure your order will arrive by the end of the business week. Orders may be shipped 2-Day or Overnight for an additional fee. Upon request, we will also ship using a client's FedEx or UPS account. A handling fee will apply.  Please contact us at if you are interested in any of these options.

Q I’m trying to place an order for delivery outside of  the U.S. or Canada. Why can’t I complete my order?

At this time we are unable to ship anywhere other than the U.S. and Canada. If you are ever in the U.S., we would be happy to ship to your hotel! We can also ship direct to any friends or family who may be traveling to visit you soon and they can carry it on the plane for you.

 Q.Do you include price information with the shipment?

A: As many of our packages are sent as gifts, we do not include any pricing information for any of our orders.

Q. Do you ship over the weekend?

A: If you are shipping a package to a warm weather destination over a weekend, your package may be held until the following Monday to ensure minimal time in transit. FedEx delivers to select home addresses on Saturday and does not deliver on Sunday.

Q.What are your delivery times for businesses and residences?

A: If you are shipping to a business, FedEx will deliver by 5 pm. Residential addresses will arrive by 8pm.


Product Information

Q: Are your products organic? Do you have organic products?

A: Although we make use of many organic ingredients, our products are not entirely organic.

Q: Are your products kosher?

A: No, our products are not kosher certified.

Q: Are any of your products vegan?

A: None of our products are certified vegan, however, our solid dark chocolate does not contain dairy or egg. Please note that although we make efforts to keep products separate, it may contain traces of dairy and egg. All other chocolates and fillings contain dairy, egg, gelatin and/or honey and are therefore not vegan.

Q: Are your products gluten-free? Do you have gluten-free products?

A: Although many of our products do not contain gluten, they are not certified gluten-free since they are not prepared in an entirely gluten-free environment. Therefore there still could be traces of gluten.

Q.Are your products nut free / allergen free?

A: Our products are created in our commercial kitchen and some products contain nuts (including peanuts and almonds). Every attempt is made to keep any cross-contaminants within their area of work; however any product made is made with equipment that has come into contact with nuts, nut oils, etc.

If you have dietary restrictions, please call or email us to find out which box will be best. If you have a severe allergy, we recommend avoiding our product as our kitchen and packaging facility handles chocolate containing milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts and every piece may contain trace allergens.

Q.Where can I find nutrition info?

A: FDA-compliant nutrition labels are included in all retail boxes containing 6 pieces or more. Please contact us to request nutritional information for smaller and custom boxes.