sweetly nostalgic, artfully elegant and unequivocally chic chocolate

    Pretty Palette Chocolate Gift Boxes - Modern Artistic Expression through Color Lavish Lipsticks - White Chocolate Lipsticks Chic Chocolate Charm Chocolate Gift Box Snakeskin S'Mores Chocolate Gift Box Classic Chocolate Gift Box -- Nostalgic flavors, Beautiful Design
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    MLC is a boutique luxury chocolate brand in Austin, TX, but we are so much more than a confectionary. We create beautiful experiences for clients. We inspire, delight and make them feel special. Each chocolate gift box is a celebration of color, flavor and shape. We take taste seriously while having fun with look, feel and presentation. We love color and embellishment. We splatter, dust, drizzle and swipe until each piece has been given the artistic style it deserves. We make chocolate for those that find joy in untying the perfect silk ribbon, marveling over gorgeous packaging and savoring jewel-like chocolate pieces.
    Ever want to design your own chocolate gift box? You can work with our design team and chocolatiers to design a chocolate gift box that is unique and special! Creating custom pieces is our passion! Whether for client gifts, corporate events, or seasonal needs, we can work with you to develop fabulous, unique chocolates to showcase your brand or message.